There are many aspects to consider when planning an overland trip of such magnitude! We have been planning this trip since about 3 years ago when it was just an exciting idea. The many things we have had to consider are:

This is so involved that we have given it a separate page- please use the link under preparations.

We have made the decision to get visas as we travel- this may give us more hassles but ultimately we want to have the freedom to decide when we travel and don't wish to be on a schedule. We envisage Angola being our most difficult visa but we know people who live there and are really looking forward to seeing this rarely visited country.

We are leaving the yellow fever until closer to when we leave and all of the others have easily been sorted for free at the doctors. Malaria medication has proven to be a problem- Ruth has lived in Malawi and has had malaria 3 times! She also has a violent allergic reaction to doxycycline and cannot go near the sun when taking it! This has left us with no option but to take (expensive) malarone with us for the more prevalent malaria areas and to just take malaria cure when feeling a little sick.

We have new jumbo passports and will be taking loads of paperwork to support visa applications etc. The carnet is being sorted by rac and has not been as difficult as we thought since we got started early.

Travel Guides and Maps We have found the Bradt travel guide for Africa Overland invaluable- it includes lists of visas and what you need to take as well as giving an idea on budgets. We also have the Lonely Planet Africa guide which has not been used excessively so far but we expect it will gain much more usage on the road. We also have the Michelin Maps for Africa and Europe. We have a Garmin GPS and will be using Tracks 4 Africa to help plan our routes.

Camping equipment
We have bought two directors chairs with two stools (which can be foot rests or seats for visitors!).  We are also taking a lightweight aluminium table made by gelert. We will be using a gas ring stove (sourcing the gas bottle is proving difficult as they seem to be different in England!) for most of our cooking. When we are unable to obtain gas or when we are hiking we have a multifuel wispalight burner which runs very well on petrol.