Thank you
We have so many people to thank! Without all of your help this trip wouldn't have been possible. Many of you have given your time and expertise without a second thought.

Gav has helped to custom build our roof rack and numerous other smaller jobs as well as being on ready on the phone with advice.  Without Gav we wouldn't have a roof over our heads- therefore Gav if something goes wrong we are calling you from the Congo!

Simon has provided much moral support during the long preparation process as well as playing a major part in building the storage system for the back of the truck. Simon has been a calming influence at the other end of many frantic phone calls- most notably when the radiator exploded in a petrol station in Yeoville! And thanks to Kim for her sense of humour and putting up with with Ian hijacking her husband.

Although Chris is not obligated (as Gav and Simon were) to offer support he has given hours of his time and expertise to servicing and upgrading Ndlovu. Chris has exponentially increased Ian's knowledge and confidence in the truck.

Les from KTC Offroad
Les and the guys at KTC have carried out major work on Ndlovu- making and installing the winch bumper as well as installing a swing-away spare wheel carrier.

Grease Monkeys
The guys at grease Monkeys couldn't really escape our constant questions since their business is only just around the corner. However they dealt with us with good grace and have helped with numerous problems and services.

For help with finding ammo boxes and random bits of metal- ask this man if you need to source anything!

Andrew and Laura
Laura for selling our 'stuff' for us- you may yet have a career as a street vendor. Andrew thanks for the help and support and a place to stay in our hour of need! 

Family and Friends
Thanks to all of you for your emotional support over the long planning process and the final panicky weeks. We also appreciate all of the going away presents and will remember you all with every kilometre we cover. Rob and Jen and Danny and Chrissie for being willing to travel long distances to say bye to us several times (and for the phones!). Debbie and Nicola for keeping Ruth sane in her final weeks at work. Tricia and Charlie for always offering us a place to stay on our farewell tour of the UK. Keith and Chris for a lovely farewell chat- and for noticing mistakes on the website! Thanks to all of the relatives for donations to the 'Africa fund' as well as kind words - Alice and Tom, Ronald and Betty, Carolyn and Alan and Chris and Ged.  Emma and Dan for lots of visits and emotional support as well as a quiet place to go to escape all of the stresses. Les and Pauline for encouragement and confidence in our ability to pull this off (as well as a place to stay at the end of it!). Nick and Tricia for some welcome assistance and keen listening ear when needed.