We have finished - please have a look at the countries to read the blog for each one. We hope that the information will be useful to future travellers or just interesting to armchair travellers!

If you go to the 'dropdown' menu for countries or the countries page all of our blog posts are there in order of countries visited.

If you are keen to see Africa but haven't got a whole year like we did please check out http://www.safariguideafrica.com/ for personalised safari packages!

Hitting the road

Ian and Ruth are both 'white Africans' who have been living in England for three years. They have decided that instead of taking the easy route and flying back home they will be driving to South Africa. They estimate that the trip will take over 10 months but they're just going to take it as it comes. The routes may change, the money may run out but it's the experience that counts.

We left Stoke-on-Trent at the end of July 2010 and headed for Africa. We have reached the end of the road- and it's back to work soon! The journey has been amazing and we would love to hear from people setting off on their own trips- we can live vicariously through your journeys!